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A constructive critique experience is invaluable. It provides an opportunity to talk through ideas with peers who understand your background and process. It gives you a window into how others view and experience your work. Talking about art in this way, whether your own or someone else’s, can also help you understand your own art philosophies more clearly. Critique can create community, heal self doubt, and offer paths out of creative block. 


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The Crit Group Workshop

Join this eight week virtual critique workshop to discover new levels of your creative process in a small group setting.

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Artist Mentorship

Dive deep into your artistic development with personalized guidance with artist and The Non-Toxic Crit Group founder Bri Custer.

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Continuing Community

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“The constructive and truly affectionate atmosphere Bri created from the start made me feel very welcome and integrated in our tiny club. Both aspects really helped to feel at ease from the beginning and made conversations so much more efficient.”

“The short videos were excellent introductions to each session’s topic: sound information, clearly structured and pleasantly presented - just the right amount to have something to think about over the week and keep growing but not too much to be a burden in these crazy times. . .”

“This is what we’ve been waiting for!”

Meet the Non-Toxic Crit Group Facilitators


Bri Custer

Founder, The Non-Toxic Crit Group

"It takes courage to share your work among a group of strangers, but I work hard to make sure we aren't strangers for long."

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Paige Lindsey

Critique Group Facilitator

"Sometimes we need a little reminder to pat ourselves on the back because this artist life is really really hard, and even the tiniest of victories need to be celebrated."

More About Paige

Lindsey Luna Tucker

Critique Group Facilitator

"When we are aware of ourselves and others, and come to meetings with openness, all else will fall into place."

More About Lindsey

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The Crit Group Workshop

Refine your creative vision, reflect on recent work, and challenge yourself to consider new perspectives in a safe, small group setting led by one of our critique group facilitators.

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What to Expect

The Non-Toxic Crit Group 8 Week Workshops include 8 weekly meanings and asynchronous content aimed at enhancing the critique experience delivered to you weekly through our course platform. 

Strengthen Your Artistic Voice

You'll investigate your core values in your art practice, clarify your artistic vision, and refine your artist statement to establish a strong, stable footing in your creative career. 

See Your Work from New Angles

In The Non-Toxic Crit Group eight week workshop you'll have the opportunity to receive honest, constructive feedback from other artists who are there to listen and support you.

Present Your Work

Gain experience sharing your art and verbalizing your process a supportive, low-pressure environment with guidance from your critique facilitator.

Call Out Your Self Doubt

Challenge your inner critic, offer self-compassion, and investigate ways to heal past critique wounds.

Build Community

Develop lasting, nourishing relationships with other artists in our online community.

Find Accountability

Being part of a weekly creative meeting is a great motivator to get your butt into the studio!

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