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Bri Custer

Hi, I'm Bri Custer, Founder of The Non-Toxic Crit Group


This is our Story

I left my full-time art teaching job to pursue the full-time artist life at the height of the pandemic. Being a full time artist was always my dream, but was hungry for a way to connect with other artists and continue feeding my teaching passion in a non-traditional way.

I always taught my art students to look at their work from multiple perspectives and ask a friend when they were in search of a second opinion. Finding a trusted source of feedback can be challenging for artists who work in solitude or aren’t living in a large arts community. (Cue my nostalgia for my art peers in undergrad!) By not talking critically about our work, however, we may be passing up opportunities to develop our work in meaningful ways. It was out of this need that the idea for The Non-Toxic Crit Group was born, and we launched our first critique group in June 2020.

In The Non-Toxic Crit Group, we formalize the virtual artist-to-artist connections created by social media outlets, and create a community where artists can reflect on their process and work together. We support artists in small virtual groups to heal wounds from past critique experiences, develop language to offer objective, constructive feedback to other artists, and accept criticism in a way that fosters growth and development in an art practice.

So here we are, ready to empower you and dive deeper into our processes together. Small group settings of 6 artists or less allow us to dedicate time to each artist's process and questions and build a safe, supportive critique community.

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